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{something sweet}

thanks for the post, stephanie. i have always wanted to learn more about high tea. aaron and i are going to vancouver in august. i'm putting the Secret Garden Tea Room on our to-do list!


This is lovely! There's something so special about a table of teeny delights just waiting to be enjoyed.

April Armistead

Wow - I've never had high tea. Looks pretty awesome. Maybe I should make it a point to experience it soon. ♥


I have never been but I am absolutely salivating ! I am determined to find one near me and go in the fall - maybe a girls lunch ! Lovely idea - now I am starving !!!


What an absolutely delicious post! I can actually hear my stomach rumbling. It's made me really want to buy some dainty little teacups, like that gorgeous one in the first picture, even though I only drink everything from a mug!


delightful and looking sinfully delicious!

Cathy of
BPyarns and BabbidgePatch

Lesley Howard

Everything on your blog makes me very, very hungry!


OMG...I read this this morning and went to the bookstore with the boys this afternoon and the cover of British Country Living is a tea party ! The whole magazine is devoted to " Make time for tea" and has various tea ideas and 25 favorite tea rooms ! Talk about timely !!! You must check it out !

that looks soooo amazing! i want to have high tea!

p.s. i love your blog so i gave you an award! you can get it here

high tea in vancouver? sounds good to me!!!!!


I have fond memories of having high tea at the Rose Cottage in Pasadena, CA -- utterly lovely and delicious. The mini sandwiches were my favorite. I love the idea of hosting one at home -- that never occurred to me. Maybe I'll try that for my next birthday...


Hi Stephanie ! I got my copy at Borders in the US - I don't know if they stock the same mags there . They also carry it in Barnes and noble here. If you can't find it I'd be happy to send you one- it's a really lovely edition !


I still haven't gotten around to having High Tea. I should. My little sister who lived in London for several years told me it's a lovely experience, and your blog post reminds me I still need to do it :) Oh and mini creme brulees. Can it get much better than that??

By the way, scones are soooo easy to make. Just do it. It's SO yummy when they're totally fresh, preferably with a bit of butter that gets to melt a little.


High tea at the Fairmont MacDonald hotel in Edmonton is pretty spectacular as well!!

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