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so well done! a super talented cookie designer you are!


Oh my god, if I'd done that, I'd want to varnish them & keep them forever.
You have such nice taste in clothes (does that count as a pun?).




Great pun blueditty

kat binkley

these make me so hungry...they look yummy! and i may now be forced to face my fear of fondant and make some!


lol, no I would imagine they wouldn't make it. You are a true artist. I'm amazed at the details. These are simply beautiful.

My Life Under the Bus

Now you need to replicate Marthas bowls in fondant and sugar cookie ! How awesome would that be ??? Ha !


So cute!! They look great displayed all together as well. The chocolate one with the ruffled collar is my favourite, I think. What's the real life version of it? ;)

Oh and did you eat them already? I think I'd be hesitant to take the first bite....


Those look beautiful - and tasty!


I just love the detail you give these dresses, the ruffles are a very nice touch. :)


Seddy, you amazing woman!


You and your cookies are incredibly inspiring! I love eating things that look like other things!


Those are so cool!


Oh the detail! I'm drooling!!


they are awesome!


Oh my stephanie sooo talented, I love them!!!!


wow....those are stylish AND delicious looking.


Oh my goodness, they're adorable!!!


Totally adorable :) T.

Alex Erynn

I love the chocolate belted dress. I would love that in my closet!

Kitchen Butterfly

Those dresses are too cool..........I'm so happy I discovered your blog/marshmallow fondat.....


AMAZZZIIIIINNNNGGGG!!! (but picture it like I kinda sang it, you know?) anyway now you can be a clothing designer as well as a cookie maker extrodenair! Well done missy!


wow, they look amazing. Your whole blog is great :-)


Wow, these look amazing. i don;t have this kind of patience. Nice work!


WHAT? THese are awesome!!. I would like to have one now plz. thanks.


you put martha stewart to shame! : )

My Life Under the Bus

I had to tell you - those awesome Martha Stewart bowls at Macy's are 60 % off !!! I just bought a set !!! $$$ 21.00 !!!! Yippee !!!!

Magnetic Mags 365

These are gorgeous! Kinda like the "Sex and The City" of cookies......

cabin + cub

Oh how fun to have cookies that matched your dress! So cute! ;)


these are just adorable. would be perfect for something like...a sex and the city themed party, bachelorette party? <3


These look GREAT! I think it would be a fun thing to do with a group of teenage girls -- let them make their own cookie fashion show. Can you imagine doing this at the project runway finale? Hehe. The brown belted dress with ruffled collar is my fave!

Studio MME

Wow! Just wow! You have amazing control because I would have eaten the cookies long before I decorated them so nicely.


They look so lovely! You're really talented!


These are just fabulous!


those...are...AWESOME!!!! so cool!


What a humorous!Love these colourful cookies,so sweeties and so cute....

These are so cool and pretty!!


These are so well done. Great idea for a birthday party or shower. I think sparkles for some jewelery would be a great touch. Thanks for sharing.

wholesale clothing

Wow! this is very cute. I got an idea with it, I want my cake like this on my birthday.


wholesale handbags

Those look yummy and at the same time fashionable. There's just too many words to describe what you've done with those cookies.

Heather Swanson

I love love love your blog. It is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing all your amazing talent!


beautiful and tasty.

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