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Aww, this is really cute!!


Oh my, that is quite a tree. Looks like it was a fun project!


Too cute. I like the colors.


What a lovely way to honor your fav. tree! The cookies look delicious!


love this! the teeny houses are so adorable!


This is beautiful and so inspiring! I'll bet it's pretty delicious as well. :) What a wonderful talent.


Oh Stephanie - that is so awesome I just want to eat it! hahaha.
You are very talented :)


How adorable! I want to pop those houses in my mouth like popcorn. :)


What a great idea! It turned out fantastic! I would not want to eat it though, too pretty.


This is so cute Stephanie! Good work!!


This is the sweetest mind is now spinning with the things I want to turn into cookies!

cabin + cub

very cute and sweet! love it! ;)


Wow, that is one enormous tree! Love your 'cookie art', it turned out fantastic!

My Life Under the Bus

This is sooo cute ! ...and who knew about the flooding icing ! I've always wondered why it stayed in one place .


I love those cookies! Amazing!! And what a gorgeous walk to work : )

Lindsay {Shrimp}

Oh my gosh - how much do I love your blog?! You're so talented, and I'm definitely adding this to my 'foodie' blogroll!

Thank you for your sweet comment about my Nikki.

- Lindsay

BEYOND cute. I thought it was a stock photo at first. LOVE IT!


this makes me happy, so happy! I love your tree!

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