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Hope make me extremely hungry!


Too adorable! I love this!

Alex Erynn

This is too cute. I've been looking for a good recipe for buttercream. This one looks really good.


oh, gorgeous cake! quality control cat is taking his job very seriously :)


What a delightful cake! I don't think I'd have the heart to slice into it; definitely a feast for the eyes.
I just adore your blog! Thank goodness you left me a comment on mine so I could discover yours (thanks, btw, for the tomato sauce link).


I love it!!! I was always told to "go play outside" as well and now I find myself saying the same thing to my kids!!.....hhmmmmm?!! Your cake is adorable and love the pics!!! (esp kitty:) )

Have fun playing outside!!!!


There's one for me in the mail, right? ^_^

Lori Anne

I am glad that you enjoyed playing outside when you were younger! Great surprise to see the cake in our fridge! Molly is such a good supervisor! Yum Yum

My Life Under the Bus

How sweet ! ....and as the mom of four you took the words out of my mouth !!! :)


Wow, you are so creative with food! So yummy and pretty.

Slow Lane

I find myself say "go play outside" to my little one, and yes, she loves it...
This cake, wow, I'm speechless.... I couldn't make something like that never ever.... It looks super gorgeous!


My Life Under the Bus

Thanks so much for that HGTV website LOVE IT ! We don't get that show here : ( at least I can check it out online. Have you gone to designsponge ?
I think it's right up your alley ! : )

cabin + cub

oh it's so pretty... i couldn't bring myself to cut it!
yummy! ;)

Flory Mariñas-Simbulan

wow... great for mother's day celebration!
i'd like to try that one!


Yumm! Can i have a slice of that cake?? YOur grey kitteh is so nice! REminds me of my cat that passed last year. Miss him!

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