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Can u plz mention the quantity as my last batch was a disaster!!

Samantha Olshove

My is still really sticky, I used margerine instead of butter though, any suggestions? Also does it work better if the marshmallows are really fresh, mine were left over from the summer, I'm hopping that's why it's still sticky, otherwise it's really good :)


Hi, thanks for this lovely tutorial, definetely going to try it out. Please could you tell me how you made that beautiful purple colour? I use Wilton gels but the purple (violet) never ever comes out like the one in your tutorial. Did you add some other colour with it? Thank you.


I have two children with birthdays coming up! One wants a tinkerbell cake and one wants a deer hunting cake. I had some decorating concerns, but i think you just solved them both for me!! Thanks :-)


I made this last night as a practice run for my daughters birthday next weekend. It was SO easy, and it came out beautiful! I did have the problem with it still being sticky, so i just wrapped it up like it said to do and left it for a while. When i opened it back up, it was still just a tad sticky so i let it sit out for just a few min and aor dry(at the suggestion of another site) that helped take care of the stickiness and i was able to roll it out and it was beautiful!! And it really tastes great!

Stephanie Farman

I tried this for my son's Team Umizoomi Bot cake. It turned out fantastic! My neighbors said it tasted much better than the last fondant covered cake they had. And it was fun to shape. Thanks for this recipe.


You made this look so easy! I can't wait to try it! I always make my own cakes for birthdays, and have several coming up. I tend to stick to cakes I can just frost, but this opens the door to SO many other options! Thank you for the simplicity!!


I have made this also and it is easy and fun to work with!

Stacy M Hanbury

Do the color marshmallows have a different flavor than the white ones?


WOW!! this is an amazing help!!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU THANK YOU


Amazing! Just one small question: do you refrigerate the fondant even if you're not storing it or can you use it straight away? Also, if you have any photos of ideas for using the fondant on cakes it'd be great to see those :)


Will it work to make a true black? I'm going to be doing a Minnie Mouse cake for my daughters soon.


Is it possible to make liquid fondant from this and then glaze cupcakes, cookies or cakes with it?


when you say shelf life do you mean ref or freeze for 4 months?


How much if each material do you use? Or does it depend on how much you need? How do you know when it's good and ready to eat?


I'm wrapping this stuff around mini brownies for my soon to be eight year olds birthday! Yes! I'm going to then dip a corner of said mini brownie in graham cracker dust!! Heaven in our mouths. S'mores. Thanks!

sofi swan

It worked really well but I found it wayyyyy to sweet to put over cake! I will try the cocoa powder though!

I substituted some of the icing sugar with flour and added a small chunk of creme cheese to give it a little tangier flavor!

Thanks for the great tutorial!

Rebecca Jones

After you have made the marsh mellow fondant can you add tylose powder or sugar cell powder to make it go hard like gum paste as you can do with regular fondant?

Jennifer Whiting

I sqee'd when I saw this! Love it!


I have to try this with Sweet and Sara's vegan marshmallows. I'll post the results if it works.

Verna Provost

Does this have to be refrigerated after it is made to store?

Crystal May

I just made some using the new 'frosting creations' flavor mix by Duncan works great for both flavor and coloring for very light colors, if you want a bolder/brighter color you would need food coloring.

Jessica Buckles

Where it talks about using regular food coloring or gel coloring it says that trying to make a dark color will make it sticky, it this referring to the gel or regular food coloring or both?


I couldnt have found this at a better time!! Im making baby shower cookies in a few weeks and this would e amazing for me to decorate with AND im also making a wedding cake in May so i will totally be making this for the cakes im making. Thank you for this. Now off to making my own fondant! :)

Michelle Hensey

How do u roll it out and it not stick to everything


What a fab idea, can't wait to try this!


how can i see the answers to some of these questions....planning on trying the fondant, but if i encounter the same sticky will i know what to do? and another good question, better to use gel or food coloring for less stickiness? is there a way to post responses so we can learn from probs before i encounter them.....that way i can remedy more quickly if need be

Cassie Fall

I made this fondant for my wedding cake, and it was delicious. I'll never go back to regular fondant again!

Irene Raftery

I made something similar in several colors on a smaller scale.... marshmallow Fluff and powdered sugar. Molded into different flowers, air dried flowers and decorated a cake. No microwaving but more costly for large volume. Cocoa or drink mix sounds like a great idea.

Cheryl Godwin

Awesome! I have been looking for a tasty and easy fondant for a cake I wanted to make for my oldest daughter, I found a few but they required a Kitchen-Aid mixer to stir and I know my little hand mixer would burnout in a heart beat. I asked my mom if I could borrow her's and she said, "Why not buy the fondant at the store like your sister did for her daughter's cake?" YUCK, my kids picked off the fondant and threw it away. My mom never uses her Kitchen-Aid because she claims that it takes to much counter space and is to hard to get out of the pantry and put back in all the time, she does live in a trailer with very little counter space she had much more when she lived in a big house and dad bought the mixer for her, but she won't let anyone borrow her mixer either because she is afraid it will get broke or never get back to her. So with this recipe I can still make my Skittles cake for my oldest's 18th birthday come July. I keep upping the ante for the Kids each year and getting more elaborate than the year before, I made a 3-d castle for my 9-year old's birthday last December so it is going to be hard to top that one, thanks for the recipe this just took my cakes to a whole other level!


Love it! And I"am thinking add jello to melted marshmallows to add color and flavor.What do you think?


How much would you say one bag of marshmallows makes? I need to cover 12" cakes stacked on top of one another, then also 2 9" stacked. Just wondering if one bag will do the 12 and maybe 3/4 of a bag to do the 9". any suggestions would be great. Thanks so much for this recipe!


I tired this and I couldn't get the sticky out. I used almost a whole bad of icing sugar and was still sticky? what did I do wrong???


Wow wow wow! I love this idea, can't wait to try it! For softer fondant, could you use marshmallow cream? I am so going to make a ton of cute decorations for my cupcakes!

carrie plaster

I am a cake decorator and i always buy the premade fondant and this this so simple to make and i can flavor it I will be trying this in the near future


How can I do it without a microwave?


Could you use colored chocolate wafers for color and taste?


Does it matter if the marshmellows are stale


I just order a fondant rolling pin cant wait to try this!!!


I jjust tried this and it kinda turned out all sticky.....i have been baking for 4 years, thought i wud try it....not recomended for beginners


Thank you so much. I can not wait to try this.


I am so excited to try this fondant for my little brother's graduation cake! Just a few questions...I want to make sure this fondant will stand up well to heat, as the cake will probably be outside at his graduation party. And what kind of frosting would you recommend to go along with the marshmallow flavor? One last of the colors of the fondant will need to be black, so I was wondering if there is a chocolate variation to making the fondant? Would be easier to dye a darker color black. Sorry for all the questions and thanks for the great recipe!

Linda Kelly

Thankyou this is perfect to use on my grand kids cakes


So, this doesn't have to be stored in the fridge? Can you freeze it?

Phyllis Downing

Can you freeze this do you know? Reg fondant goes slimy when it thaws out. I would like to freeze a completed cake if possible.


Can I use a mixer with a dough hook?

cec jordan

How much sugar would you say you used??


Can I use marshmallow fluff instead of melting I have tried to melt marshmallows in the past and just burned them

Maryam Kurtha

Wow! you make it seem so simple, with ingredients i can actually find in South Africa! Thank you:-)!!


I just wanted to thank you for this easy recipe. I have used it 2x now to make cake for my kids who have food allergies. I can't post a pic but have done minions and Thomas the tank engine.

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