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what is the best tool to use in rolling out fondant??When using fondant do u ice the cake first with like butter cream to help it stick to the cake??How much butter do u use if u had to add??


How far ahead can you make the marshmallow fondant for it to be good on the cakes? i am making mini cakes in a few weeks and that week I am super busy so I wanted to know the earliest I should make it if the wedding is on friday?


This is such a good idea, thank you for this tutorial! I can't wait to try. I'm getting bored of my usual cupcake icing!


great idea <3


To all the people commenting that there s too much sugar in this recipe, how much sugar do you think is in regular fondant??!! Thats exactly what fondant is, a sugar paste/dough. And I have a funny feeling that Clockwork Lemon may be from Australia...? We are the ones that spell COLOUR correctly, and shop at Safeway! LOL

Lisa Herring

This is awesome! I can't wait to try and make this myself. I have recently chronicled my misadventures with baking here: I would love for you to check it out! Its more like The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly-cupcake edition! Thanks again for sharing.


looks great!is it oly for decoration or can be eaten?


Would this be suitable to mould into 3D shapes, and leave to harden slightly before poking into cupcakes?


I tried didn't work really well...i am going to try again :(
maybe it was just me.....


You have just totally inpired me to try making my very first fondant! Thank you!

Julie King

You could use the cocoa marshmallows.


Hi! I love this fondant!! How did you get the fondant to go from being a powdery color to being so nice and glossy??
Great recipe and great idea, thank you!


What is icing sugar? And where can I buy it?

phillip simpson

For those of you who don't like the taste of store bought fondant such as Wilton etc. I urge you to try Satin Ice. Tastes like tootsie rolls kind of, Is good. But you can buy a kind called fondarific brand. They have everything from grape, melon, mocha etc. lots of flavors, And you can order a small sample pack on there site. Makes seeing you if like it first. and is great to work with, Although I prefer Satin Ice.

Leslie Phillips

Just wondering if you can use fluff with this instead of marshmallows? If so how much would you need for a small batch? I want to make a Rubik's Cube for our grad reunion party. So would need small batches of colors to roll out and then a bigger of the black fondant for the whole cake.


Does the fondant set hard like normal fondant?>


I'm a bit confused. How do I know what the correct amount of ingredients are?


to stick the fondant to the cake u do it the same way tht u do with the store with


This is wonderful. I can't wait to make goodies.


To make darker colours I add melted dark chocolate about 25g at a time. The only way I was able to get fondant to turn black (with colouring as well) and it ended up tasting soooo good!

table top fridges

This looks good!


How would this go if I made my own marshmellow mix and before it set roll make it fondant.


delicious :)

Tina galarneau

Will this freeze rock hard igni use it for an ice cream cake


I tried this, and it worked wonderfully! Thank you!


A note: I used cocoa powder for some of it, and it came out less sweet than I expected. It was still yummy, though!


I use this to make cakes as well. FOr those that like exact measurements this is what I do. I use 4 cups of marshmallows and 2 tbsp liquid (water/flavor) - microwave. I then scrape the "liquid" marshmallow into my kitchenaid stand mixer with the dough hook. Add color and then slowly add 4 cups of powdered/icing sugar. It will not come completely together in the mixer so I then dump it on my work surface and hand kneed it until it is done. The mixer saves lots of arm muscles! Love love love!


Did you use a whole bag of Marshmallows?


Thank you! A friend sent this to me,so much cheeper and tastier then Wiltons boxed brand!

Marie Tuggle

this is so much better than fondant,thankyou


Hi I was wondering on average how much does this recipe make, I am going to be making a cross shaped cake and was curious if one batch is enough to cover the cake or should I make 2 to be safe? Thanks ahead of time.


Can you do this with the jet-puffed marshmallow stuff? Regular marshmallows use gelatin where as jet-puffed does not.

Patti C

Have you ever done a tutorial on how to roll it out and apply it onto a cake? I love making fondant for decorations on cakes and cake pops, but I have had nothing but trouble getting it to apply to cakes smoothly, etc. Thanks!
Patti C


fantastik!1 thank you a lot
greatings from Denmark

Julie @White Lights on Wednesday

I've been so intimidated by fondant, but maybe making it will help feel more ready to work with it. Thanks for the recipe. Love you blog name. :)


Ive tried this twice and i really enjoy making it (it tastes awesome and looks really good on the cakes) but i always get frustrated when it comes time to roll it out. I feel I have it to the right consistency but then it sticks to surface im rolling it on (even with powdered sugar or flour down), do you have any tips or advice for rolling it out?



Thank You!


Alas! I have no microwave. Can I still make without it?


hi do you think it will work with black food coloring?

georgia mud fudge

i like pie, do you?

Sandy Lombard from South Africa

My daughter saw this recipe and insisted on going to the shop to buy marshmallows. We each made a batch. She made pink marshmallow fondant and I made some chocolate by adding some cocoa. I rolled the fondant out on a stenciled sheet. I baked a white cake that I covered with butter icing and then I put the marshmallow fondant on top. It not only looks amazing but tastes divine too. Thank you for a wonderful idea.
P.s. It costs only a third of the price of ordinary fondant


Question, do you keep adding the sugar until it is no longer sticky? My daughter has a school project and I have been practicing, but I'm afraid to add too much. First cake turned out well, I just felt I added too much.


if you were gonna add cocoa would u just mix some into the powdered sugar or add to the melted marshmellows?

Danelle Park

omg! all these years i was afraid of fondont! this is so simpke and inexpensive! LOVE IT!

Samantha Moon

Figured out an interesting trick! Instead of wetting the marshmallows with water, use your food coloring! Then just mix it together once they're melted and the color is much smoother and so much easier! Yay!
And kool-aid packets (unsweetened) are a great way too color and flavor too!


when u mean that u can store them, do you mean freeze it in the freezer?



How many ounces of marshmallow would I need to cover a full sheet cake? Any idea?


When you say icing sugar are you talking about powdered sugar?


If I were to use coco powder would I sub that for the icing sugar? Would it be sweet enough?


i have twins girls whose b-day is on Wednesday..i am going to try this, thank you so much for this! I will post pics on my website!


Just made this, beautiful, quick and delicious
Even the cleaning up went better than expected, i combines the melted marshmallows and icing sugar in a bullet processor to save on getting sticky- worked perfectly
Thanks :)

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