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I tried making this and it didn't work at all. I can't figure out why, because I followed the instructions exactly, but when I was working in the icing sugar, I ended up using the whole bag and the fondant was still sticky and thin, and it tasted absolutely terrible.


Julia: Sorry that your fondant didn't work out. Reasons that you might have ended up with thin sticky fondant could be:
a) added too much water or flavoring oil to the marshmallows. They only need a few drops
b) too many marshmallows and not enough fondant

Extra water in the marshmallows can make it pretty sticky


This looks really amazing! Do you think it could be made by heating up in an oven or toaster oven? I don't have a microwave :)

Trudy Shallow

Saw this on Pinterest. I found that constantly dusting your hands with the sugar keeps the fondant from sticking to them better than the butter did. I used a tsp. of vanilla and it tasted good; much better than any bakery fondant. I did find that you have to use a lot of sugar to get it to the point of non stickiness. When rolling this out, I found it works best between 2 pieces of parchment paper, then stick it in the freezer for a few minutes and it comes of quite easily.

Mia R

Thank you so much for the great tutorial! Im pretty impressed that I made fondant by myself!

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Simple enough, but very sugar-filled. Still, being sugar-filled yet not sicily is great for occasions.

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How cool, I have got to try this marshmallow fondant

unique gifts

Very creative - This is what confectioners use for covering and decorating cakes!


thanks for this post! I linked back to it


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I making this for my sons birthday cake this month. I am super excited to make it =D


Looks simple enough! I'd try it at least once.


Can you make this without using a microwave? We don't even have one in our house.

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yummie so easy to make lol i am loving it like a kid at a candy store

Sara sargent

What color would youd start with to make black?

Sara sargent

What color would youd start with to make black?

Niv Mani

Feast for the eyes,, such gorgeous colors!


I did this and it was so much fun! Can't wait to use the fondant on my son's second birthday cake!

Niki Wilsman

So if I could post pictures I would but I just made three batches for my boyfriend's sisters birthday tomorrow. The regular food coloring made it a little sticky but it worked. We will see how it goes tonight making the actual cake.


Thanks for this info. I never heard from a marshmallows recipe before.


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Charlotte Ferreux

I love this recipe and blog...I posted it on my community foodie blog. Hope you can come check it out

Also, feel free to post you're recipes or you're favourite foodie tips on it whenever you like!


It taste so much better but you need a lot of icing sugar to make it not sticky!!


OMG i love making cakes and i never knew how to make fondant, all other ones are sooo hard to make. this make's it easier. but i have a Q: i don't have a microwave, so can i just put it on the stove (on low) for 10-15 sec? or is that a bad idea? and can you tell me how much icing sugar do i need to use? that will be great:)

Kerry Lacey

Fantastic thanks for sharing :o)


this looks awsome just wondering where is the best place to store any unused fondant? fridge? and if so do how do you get it back to a workable consistency

jo-lyn@jo-lyns cup cakes n' candies

i look forward to trying this! thnx!


Any idea how much area one "standard" size bag of marshmallows will cover? I need to cover a large cake (one rectangular cake) . . . don't even know the dimensions yet . . . and I don't want to mistakenly make way too much or even a little too little. I haven't even worked with fondant yet, but you've inspired me. That, and it's my 4-year-old's request for his birthday cake. :o)


Just tried this on the weekend and it turned out wonderfully! We found it helpful to microwave the marshmallows for longer until they were puffing up out of the bowl and nice and melty. We didn't add any flavour and the fondant was sweet and tasted like marshmallows. Make sure to use lots of icing sugar to roll it out and shape it, you can brush your fondant with a bit of water to get rid of the powdery look when you are done.


is icing powder, powered sugar?


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Karen Diebolt

Thanks for sharing this great idea.


For a first timer I am so excited that this worked out for me! Thank you!

Rebekah Mineo

I was wondering how it tastes with the flavored marshmallows? would you prefer using those over regular ones? and I am making a cake that I am going to have one blue and white and the other green and red and if i have enough red and glod they are mini 3tir cakes :) whats best for making those colors? its going to be yellow cake :)

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Thank you so much. Now, all I need are some molds for lace icing.


Has anyone tried this recipe with the Cricut Cake machine?? I've read a few reviews about the Mashmellow fondant being too sticky, but this recipe sounds like it can be adapted to make it less sticky... I received a new Cricut Cake machine for Christmas and I am dying to try it out!! But I don't want my new beautiful decorations to taste like crap :) thanks everyone!!!


it looks good

Linda Bain

I've been wanting to do something using fondant but had no idea where to start ...your pictures and instructions have made it easy to have the confidence to get started...thank you!


Instead of butter, I use shortening, butter will alter the color some. Just saying .


This is exactly what I've been looking for for my sons birthday, we are making a tractor cake and I wanted to cover it in green fondant... here's a question for you, I was planning on making a banana bread cake, is there a flavor you might recommend to accompany that. I originally bought cream cheese frosting to try if I couldn't find this pin again. thanks for any advice.


this is great! I am making my sister's wedding cake and wanted to use store bought fondant, but I really dislike the taste. this is so much better! Thanks for sharing!


Do u happen to have measurements of how much marshmallow to use per batch as well as water and icing sugar?
Thanks looks great!

Beth Caudle

Thanks for posting this! I made it today for my daughter's birthday. Both of my kids are allergic to store bought fondant, this was awesome! I used a little beet juice to make dark pink fondant :)


Since I am begining in the cake decorating hobby, I was looking for a way to make my own fondant and gum paste. The store bought items are expensive and don't taste good. Thanks for the post. I will try it today.


i need more idea


Wow, awesome information and pics! Will definitely try!!


This is the only recipe I use for my fondant. Everyone loves it!!!! But I actually never tried it with the flavor oil, I am excited to try that next!!


do you have to store this in the fridge or just in the pantry?


Can this be used with the Cricut cake machine?

Gale Permenter

I've been meaning to try this, but didn't want to end up with edible cardboard. This will be perfect. Thanks!

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