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I also add the color to the mix when I first start kneading the dough. Helps get things even.


I also coat my hands in crisco and it makes so it is easy to knead. Makes a huge difference!

Connie Borneman

Is icing sugar hard to find I've never seen it

Lynnemarie Olson

This is an amazing recipe...Thank you a 1,000 times over!


how long will this keep for?


I will try and make it. Thank you

Laura Artemis Stern

This Looks so easy, so I've tried it today...
Wow, this was SUPER SUPER sticky...
I think half of my marshmallows remained in the bowl and I definitely underestimated the needed amount of icing sugar...
I haven't tried it yet...
Hope it was worth all the work...


I need to make black. Any suggestions. Trying to make Mickey Mouse.

Caron Mortemore

hi there all,, I have just made my marshmellow fondant,, easy peasy and no mess or fuss BUT now,, what do I do to USE it,, use a cookie cutter for shapes or put in piping bag? will it work,, please HELP ME,, hehe


Wow!!! This is just what I was searching for!!
Thank you sooo much!!


Thank you so much for this or recipe. I have avoided using store bought fondant because it really is inedible and therefore ultimately ruins all of your hard work. Thank you again, really enjoy your or recipes.


amazing!!!!!!! ı have never seen this before!! :) :D


Would you happen to know how much fondant a regular size bag of marshmallows would make (enough to cover what size cake)? I would like to use this to fondant cover cake...

Fran Wallace

If this was put on a cake, could it be frozen? This would be a great red carpet for my granddaughter's 3 tiered birthday cake for her Red Carpet party, right? But it has to be transported over 120 miles and I usually freeze the cake to help.


Fran: I haven't tried freezing it myself, so I wouldn't be comfortable telling you that it would work. I suspect that it would be just fine though.


What is icing sugar ? Powdered sugar ?

Emily Claire Lifestyle

This is great! I havent tried the flavour extract but Heres how I make mine

Tina Baker

I am so excited about making these different colors. I am making a castle cake ( princess ) for my granddaughter . I am so excited about making the flowers and leaves for this cake. My ? is how long will they stay firm on the cake, or around it? I am new to the fondant. Thank you


my question is can the fondant be froze or just put in cupboard or fridge?

Sarah Talbott

So, I made a huge spiderman cake yesterday and used this recipe got the fondant. This recipe is a bit of a pain to work with sometimes, especially until you get enough powdered sugar. But it is far, far more forgiving than store bought fondant. Not to mention the cost is waaaay better (I was able to get Kraft marshmallows on special, three bags for $6).

Betty Mitstifer

I tried this about a year ago. Delicious! For flavor, I used the flavored marshmellows that come out during the different seasons and holidays, works great!


Do you have to cover the cake with buttercream/cream or jam before applying the fondant?

Anna D

does vegetable oil work, instead of vegetable shortening?


Came out perfect! Thank you for the easy to follow techniques.


Hi can I use butter instead of vegetable shortening?


Thanks a bunch and great recipe. I just had one question though! The food colors you mentioned, are they safe from health perspective?


Hi! Thanks for the recipe, as fondant is yucky and I'm big on taste. :D My question is, before coloring, is it white? That is the color I need...


I'm going to try this soon looks great all I have is the bigger marshmallows how many would I have to use about.

Susie Q

I'm sure going to try this soon. It looks great and sounds super easy to do. Thanks!

virginia Burke

\this is so easy.ready set go...Springhill Nova Scotia Canada


If you make a cake using this... Are you able to freeze it all until the cake is needed??


thank you sooo much. i too have avoided making my own and you have given me the courage to take the leap

Harry and Val Contois

We have a wee lady loves to bake I'll make certain she gets this to consider She works with fondants My thanks to you


Love this! Love your site! Very inspirational.

Treasure Nsikak

Please where can I get some of the ingredient from im a nigerian


Definitely going to try


This is a great recipe! Any tips on sculpting figures and not having them melt slowly in front of you? I tried the fridge, but they melt in the fridge. :(

felicity french

did all those colours come from the one batch (re ingredients list) am goin to need to make 4 main colours for my girls birthday next week and unsure how to break it down -


I real like it am gonna try it soon


how much does this recipe yield? how big a cake can I cover?

lynette Kingipotiki

Brilliant. Im from New Zealand and Im so going to do this for my Christmas cakes this year. excited much.


thanks for this,i will do this steps tommorow :)

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