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Kitchen Butterfly

OMW - this is perfect for my marshmallows, going to waste........superb! Thanks


looks great! i love how marshmallow fondant is so smooth and yummy. it really makes baking of all kind look sophisticated!


I have wanted to try this for a while now, but have been kind of intimidated. Thanks for the great tutorial. I really love your blog!


Jeez Seddy, You always make me want to lick my screen!


super tutorial! i think i can actually tackle this now :)


Whoa, I have never even heard of this before! How crazy and cool!


I'm going to send this on to my mum and sister...I'm getting married soon and they're going to make our wedding cake. Looks like you can get really great results with this + you make it look and sound really easy :)


Ooooo, that's so neat!


oh dangity dang. my daughter (who is an avid baker and gluten free) would die for this recipe. bookmarking it. Thanks! :)

My Life Under the Bus

Totally awesome tutorial !!!
In bowl talk
A. I hope to win lotto some day to buy bowls.
B. Have you seen Martha Stewarts summer stacking bowls ( I saw them at Macy's ) They are plastic but they are pretty turquoise flowers ! ...sigh.....


so pretty, and you made it look very easy indeed :)

Alex Erynn

I don't like the flavour of store bought fondant and I've seen lots of people making their own. Does it taste a lot better?


I love the colors! Looks super tasty!


Alex: This stuff tastes much better than store bought, it doesn't really have a flavor (unless you add some) it just tastes sweet.


Ok, I have to try this out...all I need to do now is buy marshmallows, coloring, icing sugar...and a microwave!!!!! :)


What a fabulous idea! Now I'll just have to think of something to make and cover with fondant : )


It looks like play-doh! (And I was always tempted to eat play-doh as a kid)

It's like a dream come true!


Holy cow! Now I wanna make marshmallow fondant ♥


I made this following your tutorial for my son's birthday cake, it turned out fantastic! Thanks again for the great tutorial.


Can you do this in a double-boiler, too? My tiny tiny San Francisco kitchen doesn't have room for the microwave (since it was the least-used appliance, it went first).


Good grief! Is this the result of almost 100 years of female emancipation?


what is icing sugar? is it the same as powdered sugar?


Amanda : Icing sugar is the same as powdered sugar

Morgan: You can do this on a double boiler but be careful to keep the heat fairly low, you just want them melting enough so that you can stir them into a goo :)


Fantastic! Thank you so for sharing - I'll be linking to this post on my blog and Twitter account later this month. Such a perfect tutorial for the DIY bride!


That looks SO delicious!...If only it was good for you..haha :)


Very cool!


wow I have never heard of this but am going to make sure we try it soon!


What about home-made marshmallows? Seems like you could skip a few finishing steps of home-made marshmallows and merge that recipe with this one.


it looks like chewed gum


can't wait to try this myself, but I don't own a microwave, never believed in them, is there a way to get the marshmallows to puff with out microwaving them?


This fondant looks great! I have trouble working with regular fondant, it always seems to crack. Does this fondant react the same as other fondants? Thanks for the tutorial.


Holly you can try melting them in a double boiler.

Matt, I haven't had any trouble with the fondant cracking. For a softer fondant you just don't knead in as much icing sugar

Leanne Mihalchik

I cannot wait to try this!!!! Perfect icing for my gluten free daughter!


Great thanks! Looks like I've got some fondant to make.


for my daughters birthday i just made one big blanket of fondue to cover the cake like a table cloth and put colorful big dots all over it , it looked really cool and my 12 year old liked it:)


Worked just fine for me using a jar of marshmallow fluff (cream) . Just colored it and worked in the powdered sugar. No hassle, and you can make as much or as little you used to use it to make an edible clay for us when we were kids :)

trisha of seoservice

mmmmm... it looks so yummy for someone like me who loves sweets! i'll definitely try these marshmallow fondant.


I know what i'm having tonight!


we have a long night of fondant ahead of us!


Oh the kids and I are gonna have some fun in the kitchen, thanks!


now, you're one of my favorites!


I had no idea that making this would be so iple, for ages i've been looking for an easy way to make this kind of icing - and the colours look fab. Time for a spot of fernoon baking to this out I think!!!


what if you dont have a microwave?


Hi Seddy, Can you buy icing sugar and any grocery story like Safeway for instance?


Crystal: Yup, it might be called powdered sugar. Its in the section with the other sugars.. sometimes its called confectioner's sugar

Mandy: You can heat the marshmallows in a bowl over a pot of simmering water to melt them

r's adventures

never knew such a thing existed but boy, am i glad that it does! :)

Marta M. Van Hoose

Thank you so much. Now, all I need are some molds for lace icing.


This sounds wonderful. can it be done in chocolate and would you use cocoa powder? also just a thought what about cool aid flavors for color and flavor? or sugar free drink crystals for wonderful fruit flavors. I can hardly wait to get experimenting great tutorial Thanks


Robinkilburn : Using cocoa powder works really really well to make it chocolate flavored and it turns it a really nice dark brown colour.

I haven't tried flavor crystals but that's a really interesting idea


This is something I'm definitely going to try this summer with my daughter.

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