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Everyone's going to be telling you that they're preggers now, just to get some pretty cookies!
Yummy, pretty cookies!


Those are so cute!!


so clever! & such a special way to say congrats :)


That is too adorable!


That's so cute! And getting a baby, yep that's a special occasion :)

Alex Erynn

Adorable. I've always associated babies with sheep as well. Cute!


Steph rocks it yet again!! Good work!


I want to start my own flock just so you make me yummy morsels of mouthwatering goodness :)


yeah that is way, way too cute. I just love your baking goodness!!

Summers In Love

They are so adorable! I love them!


Maybe it's the hormones...but I just teared up a little.
Sighhhh....sooo adorable!


This is the sweetest idea ever! I love it! Baby sheep cookies!! The only problem is, I wouldn't be able to eat them, they're just too cute... Baaahhhh!! (bleating sheep :) )


Oh my how cute - great idea !!!

Megan (Best of Fates)

I love the idea of making a whole scene out of it, with messages and everything. It's just SO creative - and how can you not love those sheep cookies?

Maris (In Good Taste)

This is easily one of the most clever gifts/cards I have ever seen. The sheep cookies are so perfect!!

cabin + cub

oh, i love the little sheep! so cute! and great tips for making fondant too!


These are stunning! Awesome job!


As the daddy-to-be (ram-to-be?) who was lucky enough to be the recipient of these cookies, I can say that they taste as good as they look.

Thanks Steph!


from now on my insomniac mind will count these as I fall asleep

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