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They look so yummy!! and colorful! Cute dog!

Lori Anne

That last picture of Chloe is so cute! I really wonder if she really liked the taste of the jello!

Kara Witham

OK, I never knew there was such a thing as Creamy Jello! Your pics are great, very enticing, like should be in a cookbook.


Kara: The jello made with condensed milk is really really tasty. You can add flavors to it too or swirl it with regular Jello


i think these have got to be the cutest jello i've ever seen! i don't like jello, but these make me want to try it (especially the creamy ones!)


omg these are so cute!!! I might have to try this out sometime! PS I love your blog!! SO many gorgeous, delicious looking treats!


April : Thanks! The creamy ones don't taste like jello, the taste more like a custard.

Tess: You should try it, it was really easy. Easier if i hadn't made a second layer, then it would just be pour and set.


Whoa. These look delicious! I want to reach into the pictures and taste one.


That's very cool and looks like a lot of fun! (I also love William-Sonoma pans)

Of course, the doggy is also very cute!

Sarah Knight

Very cool looking, and definitely brightened my day
: )

And now I know how to do the opaque white part - condensed milk.

My Life Under the Bus

Holy Cannolli - I just got this very pan !!! ( It is also sold as "Martha Stewart" what a sneaky girl she is ) . That face is priceless - how could you resist !!!


Sneaky Martha! Are you going to make little cakes with it?


Those look like so much fun.


Am suitably impressed by the jello (it's jelly here in the UK!), I'd be tempted to get my running shoes on if I scoffed them all and they're pretty enough!


I want the grape with the creamy base, looks delicious! Wonderful pictures!


these are really cute, sort of like jello shooters without the kick. i must admit i don't eat jello anymore...eating crazy colours scares me.


Gina if you don't like all the fake colouring in jello try making the stuff with condensed milk. No colouring there!

Southern Belle

looks yummy!


Oh my goodness! Those are so adorable!

shelly (cookies and cups)

Oh how my kiddos would love these!
very cute site :)


Chloe is tooo cute. I also want those right now.... you think they ship well?


Ok, those jello molds are so cute - I'd like to display them rather than eat them!!! :)

cabin + cub

oh those looks so pretty and yummy! now i have a hankering for jello...


Holy Crow! Those are much too cute! And I must know where that tea pot came from!


Heather: I got the kettle from a flea market in Leeds UK, but I later saw it in a kitchen store in Canada so they are still making them


Those look amazing! You're so lucky to have that pan!! These is making hungry!!


they are making me hungry...oops

Another Foodie

Oh my god. How cute is your dog?! My dog gives me that exact look when he's craving something I'm eating. He's had a fair share of stuff he's *not* supposed to have ;)

Beautiful jellos!


That's fantastic! I love it when food looks as good as it tastes. And somehow, everything tastes better when it's in little "nibble perfect" sizes. Thanks for the awesome encouraging comment you left on my blog!

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