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Natasha Dawson

This cake is way too cute!!! Good job little lady :)


so cute. I've always wanted to try marshmallow fondant since the premade stuff from Michael's tastes like plastic!


I don't like the premade stuff at all. The marshmallow stuff is so fun to make! wear and apron though, the icing sugar always ends up on me.

{something sweet}

so incredibly cute! i love it and i, also, must try this marshmallow fondant. yummies.

Amanda Rettke

What a great cake!! Love it all!

Alison Iuli

Awesome cake is awesome.

My picture-taking gadget gets sorts of sticky during the creative process, too. Our cameras need raincoats.

Joan Eddy

Stephanie, This cake looks beautiful and I'm sure it is delicious. Gran


Thanks Gran!


Oh, what fun! I love your little sketch too... this is ever so cute!


can I come live with you and just eat everything?! pretty please!!!

Bill Pearson

In East Lancashire, in the UK, they used to make Sad Cakes (sometimes called Desolate Cakes)! Your cakes look a lot nicer.

Pia Wesley

I just made this cake, and encountered a few little problems on the way so I wanted to check them with you so I can do better next time. My icing was still pretty dull as it had a thin icing sugar coating - I brushed most of it off but it doesnt look as glossy as yours. Also to put the squares around the rim did you just brush with a little water? It was great fun to make, but man did I make a mess!!


Pia: The fondant gets a glossy look if you knead a tiny bit of shortening or butter (or just have butter on your hands) when you finish making it. I usually grease up the counter a bit when I'm rolling mine out so it ends up sort of glossy.

To get the squares to stick you can brush with water, but if they still don't want to I find that a bit of honey or corn syrup in a really thin layer works well.

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