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SO AMAZING!!! Can I pretty please hire you to bake my wedding cake???


OMG you did an amazing job on those peonies! That's my favourite flower and they look completely realistic! What happened to them after the ceremony?


Vincci: Thank you!! I don't think I'm ready to do cakes for hire haha, these were an exception as a gift for my sister

Kristin: I think most people ate them! I was wondering the very same thing when I noticed someone nearby taking a nibble from a petal. After they found out the peonies were sugar, everyone wanted to taste and see.


I have never seen such beautiful cupcake decorations in my entire life, and that's really something, since I'm close to 80. Your sister must have been so proud of you, and you must love her very much to give so much of yourself to her and her husband. You did yourself proud!


Sylvia: Thank you! That's a very sweet compliment. I do love my sister very much, she and her husband are wonderful


WOW. Seriously WOW! The peonies are incredible - you are an artist!!


Those are gorgeous! What a special gift for your sister and her husband.


Wow these are so beautiful. If I had a cupcake as beautiful as that I would never bite into it! That's art right there!


Those are incredible. So, so beautiful!


hi there, such an amazing job :) where did you find those cupcake liners? thanks!


Fernanda: They are from wilton, you can order them online :

I used the brown ones for my brother's wedding cupcakes. I love how they hold their shape while baking. It looks fancier than the standard cups:

Jules @ WolfItDown

These are drop-dead gorgeous! I bet they went down a treat on the special occasion, mmm :D x

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