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To make our baby girls baby food! My husband has been wanting to help me and this would make a perfect gift for him!


I would love to finally be able to make my cauliflower cheddar soup without dividing it into batches to blend!


Love this post! It brings back delicious delicious memories!

I would use an immersion blender for the soups. ALL OF DEM!


Definitely going to use this to make baby food!

Brittany Gardiner

I think I would make tons of things with an emersion blender! We would probably make a delicious ginger soy dressing, steak sauce, maybe some soups and it would definitely come in handy to make my son some homemade baby food! I had an emersion blender before but it broke so this would definitely be a welcome return to my kitchen as it's not in the budget right now to replace!! We love to cook in this family!

Chandra Kirk

I'd use it for blending soups!


Your ideas for Father's Day are fantastic; the Chocolate Toffee Pecan Cookies look wonderful.

I would certainly use this immersion blender to make delicious soups such as butternut squash and potato leek. I would also make hummus - a perfect patio treat accompanied with cut up veggies and pita chips this summer :)


Soup for days with that immersion blender!


I would use this to make soups in cold weather and to make some nice homemade BBQ sauces in nice summer grilling weather.


Smoothies! For rough mornings when I need my fruit fast with a newborn baby! BTW those desserts look ir-re-sistable!

Robert T. Nieves II

I've been on a soup kick lately. Would love to have this in my kitchen when making butternut squash, split pea, or even a yummy cauliflower soup.


I'd use it to incorporate more vegetables into my cooking


I would definitely be using the Triblade Immersion Blender for making delicious soups, from all my garden fresh veggies.


I make smoothies every single morning. This would be fantastic. I could a different one for everybody!


Definitely for soups and dressings. It would definitely make life in the kitchen a whole lot easier. Thanks for this opportunity.


I would use it to make yummy smoothies, sauces and soup!!

Five O'clock Shallots

All great looking desserts!


I would use this for countless soup recipes!!! I can literally eat soup every day... Except summer :D


I would make soups,sauces and smoothies galore!!!

Dana Myers

I would use this for salad dressing, soups, everything possible.

Lori W.

I would use this to blend up homemade soups. It would be a lot easier to blend right in the pot!

Dawn Moffat McMaster

This post made me miss my Dad, as he passed away last year. He also had a fondness for intensely chocolatey desserts, passed in from my grandmother. As for the blender, homemade salsa is a favourite at our house, but I'm intrigued by the other attachments as well!


I'd use it for daily smoothies.. chocolate banana ones!

Laura greenstone

Those attachments looks interesting! I'd use mine for homemade salsa, love the smooth kind


I would use the blender to make soup instead of having to pour it into my regular blender.

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