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Ari @ Ari's Menu

Holy cow, I am totally impressed, and what a nice gift to give your brother for his wedding!!

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

What a gorgeous cake display! I love all of the Autumn touches. And you, my friend, are insanely talented! And very very patient! I admire your ability to make all of those leaves! The cupcake flavors sound very delicious too.


Beautiful wedding and beautiful cupcakes! I love the fall colours and your attention to detail on those leaves was incredible.

Also, yes to Clone High. :)

A Canadian Foodie

What a labour of love that was - and to be foreever remembered.... so gorgeous!!!
You are the best sister in law in the world... and best sister, too!


You are amazing! And so darn talented. Your brother and sister-in-law must have freaked out with joy when they saw your hard work. Such pretty pictures too!

erin @ yummy supper

Okay, I've always know you are amazing, but wow that is an array of cupcake/cake deliciousness!!!! What a lucky brother you have.

Chocolate Shavings

Those fall leaves are so gorgeous. And the autumn theme is really beautiful. That wedding is right up my alley!

Abby Ang

Beautiful cake and cupcakes! You are indeed very talented. How I wish, I also do have the skill and talent in baking.

Wedding Cookie Cutters

It's just Awesome Lemon, I would say I like the cupcakes you have made, they are looking awesome and really very delicious. You are really so creative... I also like the idea of wedding in mountains. It's just heart touching and romantic too ;) :)

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