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Sarah | The Sugar Hit

Oooooh, this IS one of those deceptively simple recipes. But I know I'm going to be throwing this together at some point in the future. Thanks for sharing it.

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

This sounds so interesting! I'm going to have to try it. I'm quite the peanut butter fanatic, so chances are, I'll love it. And then maybe when I get the urge to eat cereal or popcorn for dinner, I can make this instead!


Had all the ingredients on hand so I made this for breakfast today. Delicious! I used soy milk and extra cinnamon. Thanks for the recipe


looks so delicious must try

Katie @ Horrific Knits

One of my favorite comfort meals is rice, milk, and honey. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy.


Looks delicious! I always love an easy, quick recipe


well, simple or not, I'm happy you posted this. Pretty much anything with peanut butter makes me happy. When a only 1 minute of my time and a microwave are involved, I'm even happier. And I would never have thought to do this on my own so... YAY!! thanks!


what a creative and unusual use of peanut butter!


And it tastes very good with a bit of jam. I had 3 things in my fridge (leftover rice, peanut butter and apricot jam), it was 4:30am and I was starved. I came across the post and had it made before I read all the directions and it still was yummy! No longer starved and I have a new way to get my pb&j fix without the wheat :)


It seems to taste so creamy and sweet. Perfect for morning meals. Thanks for the post.

emily flynn

this looks great, definitely going to try this! approximately how many calories would be in this per serve? :)


Delicious for a pb fanatic like me! 👍

Elizabeth Wamugunda

This peanut butter rice not only you can serve it as a snack but also can make a quick lunch for an unexpected visitor.

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