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That's the craziest. We've been watching it on the news every day. I've lived in Alberta my whole life and I've never seen that before. People have been worried about the Stampede now, but knowing Calgary, it's probably going to be the best Stampede they've ever had.

Lisa @ Whisk & Cleaver

Stephanie, what a story. So sorry to see such devastation across your beautiful city, but it brings tears to my eyes to read of the community effort that grew around neighbors helping neighbors. I love your first person account, thanks for sharing. And glad you and yours are doing well.

Cascadia Girl

Wow! I've been watching the news but your personal account really put everything together nicely. Get well soon Calgary! I hope this brings some Canadian action on climate change!

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

Such an inspiring story of a city coming together. Glad to hear that you are safe!

Rigel Phillips

I've learned a lot about the people of Calgary this week. Takes incredible character to put feelings aside and show up to help.

Natalie @ Once Upon a Cutting Board

I've been so shocked and saddened watching the news from Calgary this past week but I loved hearing your side of the story with everyone coming together to help - so inspiring! I've only flown through Calgary and never actually stepped foot in the city, but now I'd really like to go :) Glad you're doing well and hope the city is back to normal soon!


The devastation this flood has caused is almost unbelievable and I can't imagine experiencing a first hand account of it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and photos. You should be very proud of your city, your province and of all those who have come together to reach out and help those who need it most.

A Canadian Foodie

Glad you are OK, Stephanie - this is PAST devasting... impossible to imagine and completely heartbreaking.

Amy @ Family Feedbag

Hang in there, Stephanie! There are so many inspiring stories coming out of Calgary, I see what you mean by "friendliest city."
PS - How CUTE is that food truck?!


Incredible post! We've been watching the coverage here in Halifax with baited breath all the while cheering for Nenshi (could you loan him to us for a little while?) Stay dry friend!! xo.


I'm glad you're fine Stephanie and I'm so sorry for those who are suffering in your city. But what an amazing thing to see everyone willing to help. You're lucky to have such a great community!
Wishing you the best,


Sorry about that, Stephanie. I believe I know fairly little about Calgary, but I'm impressed by your story as how united and enthusiastic Calgarians are.
My best wishes!

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