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Melissa Hudson

A new faucet...for my kitchen! I would love to not have to touch the tap with my dirty hands :) And an easy clean for my kids!


I want one so I can be cool like Stephanie, but the other Stephanie.. not me I dont have one yet.


I would love a new faucet! I have the exact same problem you do with the large pots and washing them in the bath tub!

Maggie Muggins

I would absolutely love one of these! It would make washing the cookie dough/cake batter/slash random baking mess off my hands so much easier. I say this after literally getting cookie dough all over our facet like 15 minutes ago.

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

This faucet looks completely wicked. Let's just say that the faucets in my house are circa what appears to be about 1980. It is time for an upgrade. Plus, my hands get dirty. A lot. Touch on, touch off - yes!

Heidi at Food Doodles

Oh my! Great giveaway! The faucet in my kitchen is probably older than I am. This one is beautiful!

Heather @ Snookie's Cakes

I'd love a new faucet! And a place to put it, lol.


I want a new faucet so that I have one that doesn't get food all of it when I have messy hands and doesn't squeak when I pull on the sprayer.

Mya Carter

I would love to win this set of taps for my grandmother. She's always cooking and baking for the whole family and it would be so cool to be able to give her something as awesome as this.

Valerie McCoy

I'd love to have the new touch faucet as it would fabulous in my basement suite with my new glass tile backsplash. Nice touch, no pun intended. Lol


Turned my faucet on last week and the head dropped off and water spewed everywhere. Have temporary relief but would love a whole new Delta Touch!


I want one so I can deal with larger pots and dishes, as well!

Barbara Pettit

Would love a new faucet! My old one is on its last legs!

Cynthia Acheson

This faucet looks so pretty, modern and stylish. My current faucet is unfortunately old, ugly, and leaks a wee bit. Please pick me - my kitchen needs the help! ;)

Cynthia Acheson

I have followed Delta Faucet Canada on twitter, and my handle is chinders. Thank you!

Cynthia Acheson

Here is a link to my twitter posting for the contest - thanks!


I would love a new faucet because the one I now have is leaking and the hard water crust is no fun to clean. And this one is simply beautiful...there's that too ;)

Shelley Griffiths

Great Giveaway! with canning season around the corner this would be spectacular!


My parents are renovating and they need a pretty faucet in their nice, new kitchen!


I follow on Twitter.




While I would love a new faucet of my own, I rent my apt. and won't be staying there for very long. I'd be really excited to give this faucet to my mom as a surprise. Then I could use it when I'm visiting and dream of having one in my own house one day!


Followed Delta on Twitter (@NaturallyHip)


Holy crap this is a good giveaway! I need a new faucet to show up your boyfriend on faucet installation.


Tweeted (@NaturallyHip)

Love this giveaway, thanks Stephanie!


I would love this faucet, but my husband would love it even more! I always forget to run my sink of soapy water before I start working in the kitchen. I then end up calling my husband to come and turn on the tap for me...he's very patient but I think his patience runs a little thin when he misses a goal on tv!


This faucet is gorgeous. It's art! It's amazing how just a faucet can date a room. This would complete the mini-renovation of my kitchen beautifully.


What an awesome thing. I am so messy when I cook and bake that this would be so cool. I would love this. I hope I win, please?

Cathy Belanger

I could use a new faucet because the rest of my kitchen(including faucet) are old and out dated so at least something would be shiny and new! And, I wouldn't have to touch the taps with sticky dirty fingers !!


I would like a new faucet to give to my mother because her faucet is broken.


What a great giveaway!
As you said, perfect for baking hands.
Thank you for the opportunity :)


We are going to build a new house soon and my kitchen needs some pretty jewelry! :)



I follow Delta on twitter!


This would complete my mini-reno beautifully!

Becs @ Lay the table

That's probably got to be the weirdest blogger giveaway I've seen so far! Can't enter but have fun with it! :)

Sydney D

I follow them on twitter (@toocutebows)

Chelsea W

I would love a new faucet because ours has been in our home for I can't even remember how long! (Plus I love the touch feature on this!)


My kitchen is located beside my back door to the garden. Needless to say, this faucet would help with messy gardening hands!

Heather Baker

Would love a new faucet! There is nothing appealing about my kitchen, and I used to enjoy baking so much but my kitchen is so awful I haven't done much in a couple of years - I think a gorgeous new faucet might motivate me to get back to it!

Ann Thibeault

I hope I'm not to late. I would love to win this faucet. My old faucet is sadly in need of replacing.

Thanks for the opportunity.

(Nice to see a Giveaway open to Canadians)

Ann Thibeault


Jill Kinzel

I would love this new delta faucet for our new house. We move in on July 5th and I had already been looking at this faucet for our would be one less thing that we would have to worry about. :-)


Jill Kinzel

I am following delta on twitter (@jillmariekinz)


Would love to give my parents a new faucet. Theirs is old and barely functioning.


Followed on twitter (@miss_foodie)

Jill Kinzel

I tweeted:

Rick Adams

I broke our counter making cheese last Christmas which led to gutting the kitchen this spring. We've been without a stove or kitchen sink for a month and we still have two weeks to go. Everything has been picked out except for a nice new faucet to go with our shiny new kitchen. It would be great have a faucet like this when I finally get to make cheese again; oh and no cheese pressing on the new counter. I promise!


Our current kitchen faucet has seen better days... a new one would be a welcome upgrade!


Great faucet to be giving away! Can't beat a single handle pull-down, especially from Delta.

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