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Dan @ Dan's Good Side

I know we probably can't make this tomorrow in Start From Scratch class, but you should just bring me some!

Mary at n00bcakes

Wow, this looks positively delightful! The flavors you describe are absolutely what I look for in a bread as well. These ingredients don't seem too bad...maybe I'll give some bread bakin' another chance! ^_^

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

Wow Stephanie, this bread looks incredible. I love the last two photos and can almost imagine sinking my teeth into a lovely piece of this toasted bread. Good bread is just perfect when toasted with a little smearing of butter, in my opinion.


I'm a whole-wheat bread girl myself, but just looking at your first picture had me salivating and thinking "this could change me." I love any bread with poppyseeds, just as long as I have a toothpick nearby. :)


After seeing pics of your trials on Instagram, I've been checking your site routinely for the final recipe. I can't wait to try it. Also, learned something new about enriched doughs (the smooth regime, after sticky). Thanks!


I Wish you lived near me so I could have your rejected loaves!


What a magnificent loaf of bread! I want a toasted slices with lemon marmalade!

Maggie Muggins

Beautiful loaf! I find that no matter how good something is, I’m always thinking of ways to make it better, it’s like a never ending battle of perfection. The next time I make white bread I’m going to try out your version. The poppy seeds are a nice touch.


It's a great recipe! I prepared it last night and I tasted it this morning, it's simply delicious, j'adore! :)


It IS perfect, as far as I can "see". :) I bet there are not rejected loaves anymore.

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