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Looks good! I am finding improvising is a key ingredient in cheesemaking! We had t some this time too.


Nice DIY mould, and nice looking cheese. I am glad the sink technique worked for you. Well done.

erin @ yummy supper

Stephanie, I continue to be amazed at your beautiful cheese making.


What an exciting project! I'm definitely intrigued--maybe I should give some more advanced cheesemaking a try. Also, your own cheese cave?? Even if it's a fridge, that's SO exciting.

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

I've said it once, I'll say it again. You're amazing! You are totally inspiring me to try to make my own cheese!

Melissa@eyes bigger

I don't know how you wait for the aging process to finish. I'd want to eat all the cheese now! Another super interesting post!

Heidi @ Food Doodles

Yum! Have I mentioned that I love these cheese posts? Especially the step by step pictures. I actually just made mozzarella for the first time on the weekend(with my sister in laws fresh goat milk :D) and it was awesome! I'm so excited to try something else now :D Your asiago looks great! I'm excited to see how your cheddar turned out!

A Canadian Foodie

Great solution!
I use books, but I have a mold. A ring would work, but then you would need to make a disc to go into the ring for the pressing. Ian uses plastic for this.


It looks great, and I see you didn't have the problems of cracking and sticking to the cheesecloth like some of us did. I look forward to seeing how it tastes!

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