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christine @ wannafoodie

So great! I'm so glad that you didn't have the dreaded melt. I pushed my jar of feta to the very back and bottom of my fridge to hide it from myself, so I completely understand!

Nioe post, sheep milk is great to work with. I find you get a really decent set with the rennet. I love sheep feta. Thanks for posting your recipe for brine.

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

You are amazing...I'm seriously impressed with all of this cheese making. I adore feta as well and always have some in my fridge. Although it is always store bought and likely not half as good!

jaime @ sweet road

Wow, I didn't realize it was possible to make more than just ricotta at home without all sorts of crazy ingredients or equipment. I am a huge cheese lover so I would love to find time in the future to try this out!


Eeps! This is right up my alley. We eat SO much feta here, I just auto-buy it every time I'm grocery shopping. There's no point to putting it on the list, it's a staple. Did you find this to be economically smarter overall than buying it? It looks like you got a lot of feta out of the whole thing... I wonder how long that'd last in this house. ;)


This cheese making post in particular is one that my sister would drool over. She loves feta!!

Great job you and your Mom did on this. I guess sheep's milk works just as good as goat's milk!


Yes, it is a good idea to reserve the whey from making cheese; I often like adding them into my soups.


Yay homemade feta! That sounds like a really easy & rewarding homemade cheese to try. :)


The feta! Oh man it looks good. You have amazing willpower to let it sit there aging. I'd be picking, picking, picking lol. mmmm... yum!


My problem with this is I would have ALL the feta eaten in the first day. I'm going to try this at home and see if I can get as great of results.

Jessica @ bake me away!

This is so awesome! For some reason, I never thought about how feta is cut, and I love that it's done right in the pot. Also, I'd like to try feta made with sheep's milk sometime since I loooove manchego. Great job to you and your mom!


Very interesting post! I just simply like the pictures you took, and the cheese looks yummy! =D


Stephanie I am soooo impressed! I can only imagine how fun it must be to make and eat your own cheese. I'm with you: I'd steal a bite every time I opened my fridge.

A Canadian Foodie

Fantastic post - such beautiful peaceful shots! Will you please send me a pic 900Xwhatever pixels and I will add it to the round up! :) Valerie

Becs @ Lay the table

I'm going to ask a stupid question the milk unpasteurized?


Becs: It is pasteurized. Raw (unpasteurized milk) can't legally be sold here. It is un-homogenized though!

Becs @ Lay the table

Oh right! I didn't think you could make cheese without raw milk...shows how much I know. I found out a few days ago you guys don't get unpasteurised cheese....crazy!

Chris Rawstern

I love Feta also. I'd love to try with Goat Milk, if I can find it. Thanks for testing this out! Makes it easier for the rest of us.


i love feta too. But whether can add fruit into the feta? and it can taste good.



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