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YUUUUmmmmmm! I can't wait to try this!

How did it turn out, texture wise?

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erin @ yummy supper

Oh my that looks good Stephanie! The caramelized fruit and the tang of the yogurt - awesome!


Excellent, yet another frozen yogurt recipe to try.

A Canadian Foodie

I have the same ice cream maker and 2 others with the 1 liter container... what can I say? Ice cream and Summer are best friends! This summer I have made 9 different kinds - and no, I have not eaten them all... but I have certainly tasted them all! All made for special occasions and such fun to make homemade ice creams. I have never made frozen yogurt. I must!


Want to down a cup of this fruity cool thing to tame the heat now.


I love that you used greek yogurt. This frozen loveliness looks divine, but I could eat that simmered pineapple right out of the pan too. Yum!


This is a bazillion times healthier than the frozen yogurts i tend to buy. And the combination of all these flavors has me wanting a bowl of this yogurt immediately ....heheh

Mary at n00bcakes

Ooo, that yogurt looks divine in your ice cream maker; such lovely swirls! I may have to try the pineapple-in-brown sugar. Mmm....

Heidi @ Food Doodles

This sounds so good! The brown sugar and the tropical flavors and plus it's made with yogurt? Yummy!

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