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I, on the other hand, love so many sweet treats. Chocolate souffle is on the top of my list. And fine chocolates, such as Lake Champlain or Godiva. MMMMMMMMMMMM!


Equal favorites for my mom are Lemon meringue pie or Kahlua cheesecake.


My mom's favourite dessert is anything that contains very dark chocolate.


My mom's favourite dessert is anything with chocolate in it. I'm pretty sure that's where my love of chocolate comes from too.

I'm also very hard on my electronics. I've been using the same 3 cup food processor for years and now I'm at the point where things are spilling out because I'm not just making food for myself anymore. Great review of the Cuisinart, I'll keep it in my when I'm thinking of upgrading.


coffee ice cream!

Jordanne Kapp

My mom loves caramel, any sort of caramel. She gets extra caramel on everything.

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

What a beautiful tart and a beautiful (and delicious) way to celebrate the lovely mothers out there!


My mom's favorite dessert is pumpkin pie! <3



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My mother's fav is Vinarterta - an icelandic layered cake. Delicious. She also enjoys tiramisu and mille feuilles (the Quebec kind). Yummmm!! That torte looks amazing!
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My mom is not a big fan of desserts but she always likes anything with caramel!

Maria @ Miss Maria With The Cornucopia

My Mom's favorite dessert is homemade apple pie. She puts so much of her love into baking pies. Once the pies are done baking and the dirty dishes have been washed and put away, I love the look in her eyes when she finally sits down to enjoy a slice of magic.

I can't seem to make an apple pie quite like Mom. I've tried, and I've come close but there's always something just a wee bit must be mama's love.

Gwen N

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My Mom loves peanut butter cookies - homemade of course.
Would love to win this - mine died a few years ago and I have never replaced it -

Patricia Knowles

Peach cobbler


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Mama T loves HK-style fruit tarts (and makes a mean one to boot!)

She would definitely use the shredder blade to make turnip cake! ;)


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Anything with custard.

Dragon In Knots

My mother likes crème brulée :)


My mom was famous for her our tiny little town, whenever anyone had a family get together, a wedding, funeral, whatever--they'd call my mom to make the pies, and she'd make like a dozen of them. Of course we had them for all our own family get togethers also (my mom's family is last count I think it was almost 100 just from my grandparents down to my cousins and our kids).

I think her favorite, however, was a devils food cake with seven minute frosting (from scratch, of course--that's my husbands favorite cake now).


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Sandra Cobb

My mothers favorite is pecan pie (id have to guess!)


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My moms favorite is strawberries and cream angel food cake which is a recipe that has developed over the years between all the girls in the family. Whoever is in charge of making it for her birthday each year does their own little tweaks so it's a constantly changing recipe!


My mom's favourite dessert is lemon meringue pie, so I bet she'd love this tart!


My mom likes this special mocha cake, the recipe for which comes from a local restaurant. It's basically layers of crushed chocolate wafers with chocolate meringue between them, frozen. Easy and super yummy.


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Amy Jo Schenewark

Yum! This might be my favorite dessert! Now I just need a food processor!

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Karen Millen UK

Thank you so much for sharing these!

Danielle Bridges

My mom's favorite dessert is anything chocolate!

Misty Ostrowski

My mother's favorite dessert is one from her home country Korea called Hodduk, which is a dough filled with a cinnamon-brown sugar mix, rolled out super thin, and then fried in a little oil. It's delicious!


Any dessert I have ever made for my mom (including cookies I made when I was little, where I mistook tablespoon for teaspoon with the baking soda, yuk!)- she'd probably say that was her favorite. But, she really does gush a great deal about the homemade maple walnut ice cream I make :)

Jessica @ bake me away!

I totally have (and love) this exact food processor, so this isn't an entry - please draw again if my comment is picked! What a way to showcase the things it can do. I haven't used mine to make doughy/crusty things yet, so this is a good reminder! This pretty tart is way up my mom's alley. I might make it limey for her!

Tara Noland

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My mom's favourtie dessert was snowball cookies at Christmas time.

Tara Noland

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Happy Mothers Day! My Mom's favourite dessert is Pecan Pie! You definitely know it is a special occasion when we have Pecan Pie for dessert. So delicious and classic.

Excellent review of the Cuisinart - have always wanted one!


My moms favourite dessert is lemon squares. Of corse she only likes the ones that she makes.

Nicole B

My mom's favourite dessert is Mississippi Mud!

Ping Lee

Strawberry Cheese Cake!

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