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Mmmm, brown butter rice krispies. Excellent choice!
I love that the goodies didn't live long enough to get their portrait taken. Can't stop gawking at that rosemary shortbread.

J recipe on the bread? That's just a tease.

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Sure, onion-y savory bread, it gives sugar one less chance to weaken our immune system.


youre killing me here. I want some of your delicious baked anythings in me. maybe i need to switch from reviewing BBQ chips on my blog to reviewing things you make? If you send me your baked deliciousnesses ill do it...


we really, really need a recipe for that Wild Rice and Onion bread! Please and Thank You!!!

Lisa @ The Gonzo Gourmet

Sounds like the bake sale was a huge success - congrats!! Ours is coming up in a few months. Your dog makes me laugh ... I have a lab who is a total food hound yet doesn't realize that she's tall enough to snatch treats off the counter. PS - onion bread recipe, please!

Maggie Muggins

Damn! I wish I had seen your bread there, I totally would have bought some! Did you use the Peter Reinhart recipe? I looove that one and I'm sure it would have been twice as good since you made it :)


Brown butter rice krispies sound so amazing! And the bread looks pretty tasty too. I can imagine why your dog ate one of the loaves.

Jessica @ bake me away!

I think I'd go for a cheesy bun over a brownie, too! And I might go for a brown butter rice krispie treat next... You make the most gorgeous loaves!

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Lol. Your dog has a good taste! :) I'm curious about the onion-y bread though.

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