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Jess [tenpenny splendid]

I think I need to try this. My first brioche experience was a disaster but this looks too good not to try! I've gotten a little better at baking bread since then so I think I'm ready to tackle it again! :)

yummy supper

I am totally impressed that you and whip up an amazingly golden brioche! Stuffings, french toast, croutons... there are endless possibilities if one could resist eating that loaf warm out of the oven;)


PS Your feline helper is adorable!


Stop it!!!! Too delicious this looks fantastic as usual!!! I love your new look!!!

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I asked if I could make it worse by swimming. He said, "probably not, but we don't really know. If you do make it worse, we think it could be easily fixed." Hmmm. I'll hold off on swimming for the next few weeks and then give it another shot. I'm also having trouble holding my upper body weight on the bike; hopefully PT can help with that as well.

Heather Woollove!! Your blog is AWESOME!
(When can I come for coffee??) Giggle.

Becs@Lay the table

Great instructions Steph! PS Your cat looks great in aprons. Perhaps you can do a photo with every post.


Another brown butter post? Oh my gawsh, you need to stop tempting me! This brioche looks so puffy and golden and delicious!


I can't believe I've never thought to make brioche with brown butter! I make everything with brown butter! Sooo good.


your bread looks so much like the loaves my grandma used to make and that sadly, nobody in my family has ever been able to replicate, even religiously following her recipe. so beautiful (and making me very hungry!)

Dan @ Dan's Good Side

That's a beautiful looking brioche! I am a terrible baker, so always impressed by nice loaves of bread!

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Great instructions Steph! PS Your cat looks great in aprons. Perhaps you can do a photo with every post.

Russell van Kraayenburg

More brown butter scrumptiousness! And I love that pic with your cat. Adorable!


My brioche has just settled in the fridge for the night. Cheesy french toast for breakfast. Thanks for the awesome post!

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That's a beautiful looking brioche! I am a terrible baker, so always impressed by nice loaves of bread!

Christian Louboutin Online

Very cool idea. I think I will have to try this one. I just love the "It's the Little Things" line. Thanks!

Joe Moose

Tried this recipe with two changes: didn't cook the butter and used active yeast instead of instant. OH! And kneaded the dough until it almost reached windowpane state. Stuck it in the fridge where it rose a bit, but then I formed it into loaves and let it rise again before baking. The end result was amazing: all of the family loved it. Thanks for posting the recipe! :D


I found your website through Pinterest, and your recipes look incredible! I had all of the ingredients on hand for the brioche, and you're right, the dough smells divine! It is in the fridge for the night, can't wait to bake this up tomorrow!



Just to check, how many loaves of bread does this recipe make? Three?


The problem I always get is on the use of yeast. I often forget that instant yeast is better than its dry counterpart.

Armecia Lee

I've made lots of home made bread, but never a brioche, and have never put in the fridge to rise! What an idea. I live at over 6,000 feet and my first experience using yeast here was quite interesting. You could actually SEE the dough rising. It was crazy! Thanks so much for the recipe. I have to eat gluten free and I am wondering if my gluten free flour would work just as well for this recipe?

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