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Jorie Kapp


My favorite cake is chocolate. I love your blog and the new look is great!


Jorie Kapp

I liked you!

Mary at n00bcakes

Eee! <3 giveaways! Cute new site design too; I like the header image. :)

My favorite flavor of cake right now? Definitely chocolate with coffee frosting. ^_^

Mary at n00bcakes

I totally did a tweet:!/n000bcakes/status/116721223601373185

Mary at n00bcakes

Liked CL on FB like whoa.

Naomi Cooper

OMG! Stephanie it's soooo pretty! I have uber jealousy every time I see a new post.
I miss chilling with you between classes at Rutherford.


Chelsey Van

Oh herro. My favorite kind of cake at the moment is chocolate with cream cheese icing. heaven. <3


Beautiful new design!! I love it!! My favorite kind of cake: chocolate with raspberry filling and butter cream icing!! So good!!

Nicole Dalmer

My favourite at the moment is red velvet [with cream cheese icing] ... so good.
Love the new look!!

Teresa Alcántara

My favourite flavour is vanilla with chocolate chips.

I love your new header.


Teresa Alcántara

Hi again.
I already like you on facebook.

Kisses from Spain


So pretty and delectable-looking! Favorite cake flavor - nothing beats the taste of yummy white wedding cake with gooey frosting :-)


LOVE LOVE LOVE the new design!!! The banner is so beautiful & whimsical : )

hmmmmmmmmm....favourite cake at the moment....I have been craving chocolate peanut butter with peanut butter frosting....and a big glass of milk....ok, now I'm hungry! ; )


I love my mom's almond cake!

Amy C

Angel food with fresh strawberries and whipped cream - I guess I'm still in summer mode!!!

Michelle @ If Toys Could Talk

My favorite cake flavor is chocolate. With chocolate frosting. And chocolate between the layers. Oh, did I mention I love chocolate?

Stephanie, your blog redesign is amazing. I love how it looks - congratulations!


Hi! I've been lurking for a while and I recently made the peanut butter cookies you shared months ago. Delicious!

My favorite cake flavor is lemon!


My favorite cake flavor is chocolate. Chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Yumm!


I already like your page on facebook.


Love it! You don't need to enter me since I have absolutely no baking supplies and they should go to someone who is going to use them, just wanted to let you know I like the design :)


My favourite kind of cake is vanilla cake with my mom's icing with strawberry flavouring she used to make for everyone's birthday growing up.


LOOOOOVE this new layout! Congratulations! :)


I just love Lemon chiffon cake!! It is really light and holds up to decorating well :)


Just liked it Clockwork Lemon on facebook, and we have to get you more "likes"!!! You blog is really great and I love the new look.


Love your new banner and the green and pink is really pretty. My favourite flavour is vanilla (but I'm definitely not picky. It's cake we're talking about after all!).


Devil's food, of course..


Chocolate. No, wait - double chocolate. OK, make it triple.. :D


Liking Clockwork Lemon on FB!


Chocolate Chambord die for!!


My best friend had a strawberry vanilla cake at her wedding that I fell in love with!

I liked the facebook page, and here's my twitter post:!/prometalaluna

Such amazing stuff at that shop! :)


I love Lemon cake with lemon icing!!!

Denise Pasko

I love chocolate cake!!!


Congrats on the new site design! It looks deliciously fresh!


Lemon cake with cheese cream frosting!!

Love the new look :]


oh, i liked you on facebook and tweeted :]!/robargek


I really like cherry, but not with cheesecake frosting. I like it with vanilla. Those cupcake wrappers are just to cute! ambrerose at(aol) dot(com)

Amanda B

So pretty! My favorite flavor is coconut, but I don't think I've met many cakes that I didn't like. :-)


Dark Chocolate Guinness Cake!


I like Clockwork Lemon on Facebook!


I love red velvet cake and german chocolate cake!


Just liked you on Facebook :)


I love chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting.


Oohhh!!! A Spice Cake with Cream Cheese icing is sssoooo good!!


'Liked' you on Facebook!


Tweeted giveaway! (cant link cuz im on my phone and cant get it to work, BUT I DID!!! I SWEAR!!) ;)


lemon cake with chocolate fudge icing is my absolute favorite!

Kym Ali

How totally cute everything is! Now I want to bake something. Thank you for sharing, I love your blog.



Your new design looks wonderful. I always enjoy viewing your blog, it often makes me drool! :) Keep up the great work


Italian cream cake is probably my favorite!


Liked you on Facebook!

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