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Lovely bars! Good call on the graham cracker crumbs. I was fixin' to whip up some date squares, but how can I resist these?

Michelle @ If Toys Could Talk

Those look so yummy. I like the idea of adding graham cracker crumbs for flavor and texture. And I'd never heard of shredding then freezing the butter... I'm definitely filing that one away for later! I couldn't resist pinning your recipe:


Rigel: I say make both kinds of squares! The berry ones keep really well in the fridge

Michelle: Thanks for the pin! Pinterest is awesome but also the cause of much of my procrastination


These look so delicious! I picked up some berries from a local fruit stand and they were super sweet and yum...they would be perfect for this! If only it wasn't already hot as hell without the oven on...


Diana: I'm glad that it hasn't been too hot here to have to oven on. I've been baking a lot of bread that requires me to preheat the oven to 500 for 45 minutes before the bread even goes in!

Digital Printing

I had a taste of this berry crumble bars when I was still in college. I always buy them in a nearby bakeshop, my only problem is, it's too expensive for me and I'm so happy today that I found this, I hope it's worth it!


Next summer I'm going to container a bunch of berries and if I manage to not eat them all on the spot, I swear I'll try this. It looks awesome.


Digital Printing: When berries are in season this is a really cheap dessert to make.. it gets a little bit pricier if you have to pay for the frozen berries

Les: I'm trying to get to the farmer's market this weekend to get the last of the berries and start freezing them


i absolutely love blueberries and this is a wonderful recipe. i definitely want to try this out and serve it for breakfast. looks yummy with a cup of coffee :)


YUM! these look amazing :) and the grating/freezing butter tip is perfection - that step always puts me off because i don't have a pastry cutter. thanks!

yummy supper

Stephanie, why am I so late to this whole bar-making thing? Those looks so good and I need to whip some up myself:)

And so true that you could easily freeze some ripe berries for winter baking. What would be better in the gray days of February than a taste of buttery summer goodness?



Rose: I used to avoid making pie dough because of that step too (it's still my least favorite dough to make but I don't dislike it.. just like it less than bread dough)

Erin: I froze about 16 cups of blueberries this weekend so that I could enjoy the summer type baking this winter

The Sugar Plump Fairy

Your recipes never cease to amaze me! I find myself wanting to try out all of them! I actually am going to use a few that you've posted for my family's week on Cape Cod. I've been lurking your blog for probably over a year now and finally decided to make my own account and follow you for real!
Happy Baking!


These look so moist and juicy, and I love the crumb topping on top!


I'm loving all things crumble right now, and these bars look fantastic. Peaches are in season where I live and I was wondering if diced peaches would work in place of the berries.


What fabulous recipe!! this sounds like a great variation. will definitely try this one... thanks!

best salad recipes

I love berries! this is great recipe, I will try it later. thank you :-)

best chocolate recipes

Looks so yummy and delicious! will definitely try this, this good for kids birthdays. thanks ;-)

Maggie Muggins

Nice! I never thought of subbing in graham cracker crumbs before. I'm hoping to get out to millarville this weekend so I can get my hands on the last of the berries, I'm sad that soon we'll be in pumpkin territory again.


I have to try shredding the butter!!!! Genius - these also look fantastic and we are sick of pie this may also go on my list this weekend! XO

Chelsey Van

how did I miss this post?? I need to try this ASAP, I've been looking for a solution to soggy blueberry crumb bars

Best Smoothie Recipes

Stephanie, your recipes never cease to amaze me! I find myself wanting to try out all of them!

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