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Perfect way to start the week! YUM love the addition of cornmeal!


I love the addition of cornmeal for crispy edges, brilliant!


Back home in Canada we used to have rhubarb everywhere growing wild... I've yet to find it anywhere in Colorado and I kind of miss it.

Mary at n00bcakes

ZOMG. I pulled up your blog and immediately became hungry. I'm a total sucker for pancakes, even though they are mean to my waistline. Love me some buttermilk pancakes, but I've never made them with cornmeal before - sounds delicious! Very pretty rhubarb, too. :)


These look totally, deliciously, YUMMY!


I totally want pancakes for lunch now. :)

yummy supper

So great that you grow your own rhubarb! I am hoping my plants I left behind last year are alive and kicking when we get home. Have always wanted to harvest my own rhubarb.

Love that you combined the compote with the cornmeal pancakes I bet the combo of flavors was just right:) Inspired!


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The pancakes are fluffy like buttermilk pancakes but they have crispy edges and a great flavor from the cornmeal. The sweet and tangy rhubarb compote works perfectly with them for a delicious summery Sunday breakfast.


me and my boo made this yesterday morning for breakfast. we loved it! we both ate the leftovers this morning too. thanks seddy!

- lovebean


I made these today for breakfast and my 10 year old son named them the best pancakes EVER, so thanks for sharing! He said they soaked up the syrup nicely and didn't get soggy.

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breakfast and my 10 year old son named them the best pancakes EVER, so thanks for sharing! He said they soaked up the syrup nicely and didn't get soggy.

Beth Schuff

Just tried these today! Thanks so much for the post. They went well with maple syrup or blackberry lavender jam!

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