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OH YUMMERS. Those mushroom caps and smoked salmon treats have my tummy growling.

Texts and Textiles

You should come back to Edmonton to enjoy our (comparatively) tropical weather...we only have half that much snow.


that all looks heavenly O:


I have been following your blog for over a year- I am sure I am your biggest fan! You are getting me through Grad school, and the most assignment filled birthday of my life (today). Thank you!!!

Clockwork Lemon

Stefanie: Happy Birthday!!! The best kind of people are born in March :D

Happy Birthday!! Everything looked delicious. The flowers were perfect and made it look sunshiney even though the day was frosty.


Holy cow. Happy birthday! I think smoke salmon is one of my favorite foods ever. It could be its own food group really. The coffee cake looks amazing both baked and unbaked, and I've never had tres leches cake but damn, I want to now.


mmm quiche. We make them all the time for easy dinners!


Happy belated birthday! Everything looks so delicious, looks like it was a lot of fun. The flowers are gorgeous too, love the colors. :)


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad I don't live near you, I'd gain 20 lbs! Looks so gooooooooood!

Beautiful pictures to boot!

Urggghhhhhhhhhh! Now I'm hungry!

Is it ok if I blog about your blog, use some pics and provide a link?



Wow!! everything looks amazing and delicious!!
I love love your 'Spring' table setting - so wonderful!

yummy supper

Happy Birthday! What a feast!


Happy birthday! Looks like a spectacular way to celebrate!! :)


Yum! This looks fabulous - have always wanted to make tres leches cake, and you jave just inspired me :) Hope you had a fabulous day!


P.S. Just discovered your blog through a friend on facebook, and I LOVE it!


Yum your birthday brunch sounds delicious! I should've maybe used nutella for the yeasted coffee cake too!


Happy Happy Birthday!!!!! Looks like a yummy time : )

Tami Spierling Johnson

The coffee cake looks fantastic! Did you post the recipe or can you send it to me?

juliska dinnerware

Just perfect! Birthdays can never be fulfilling than this! Gorgeous menu!

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