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Detalhe Detalhe

The empanadas look delicious! It'll definitely be in my to do list. Good look with yours!
Happy New Year!

These look amazing! I wonder - could we bake these instead of frying? The last time I fried something we almost had to call the fire department.

Holli Nucci

LOve this recipe! I have just linked you up on my blog this morning! I hope it brings you some traffic! Have a great day!
Mama Holli

Holli Nucci

sorry forgot to include the link:


That made my mouth water at 9:53 in the morning. Holy cow do those look good... and like something even I can make.

Jennifer Davis

oh, yum! those look amazing. I think it's time for lunch!

I love those sticky, cheesy shots of the empanadas. Just want to sink my teeth into them!

oh yum. i like anything with cheese... i could eat waaaaaay to may of those.


I just love your blog! I was wondering if you would be interested in being featured on my weekly. Every other Wednesday I showcase 'artistic bloggers' and their blogs. You're welcome to look through my blog at Right now I have almost 900 followers and they all love the feature Wednesdays. You're welcome to email me at Can't wait to hear from you!


This blog is so delicious! I watched "Julie & Julia" with my sister on Friday and this reminds me a bit of Julia's blog. :) Makes me hungry.


im from Chile and its great to found this recipe here...
empanadas are so yummy!!


On Aruba we call them 'pastechis'. They are delicious, and fit into a typical Aruban breakfast :)


These look wonderful, Can you use different types of cheese in this like maybe cheddar or somethingelse? Also what is the weight of a package of lard?

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