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Those are amazing!!! I hate bananas but love banana muffins for some reason, and that frosting looks to die for! Damn it, now I crave cupcakes! Do you fedex? :)


Oh my! These look and sound wonderful! I am sure that I would have loved the pineapple. In a banana split, that was always my favorite :)

Cate Holst

Not fair, I want one now! These just look delicious

Sarah Rankin

Hi Stephanie, thanks for stopping by my blog. First of all, these cupcakes look amazing. I want to go make them right now! And secondly, you must go see the King's Speech if you've been thinking about it. It was actually really really good. I was worried it would be slow or dry, but it's so beautiful and the dialogue is great. Definitely worth the price of admission! I'm a new follower, too, by the way!


Cara Angelotta

Oh my goodness! This looks so so so yummy.

ONG, you create the most amazing things. Visually stunning :) T.


This is one of the times I'm (slightly) glad I don't have the supplies or intuition to make something like this because I am supposed to be on a diet. If I made these, I'd eat the entire pan myself, no joke.


*FAINTS* ....... banana is quit the favorite around here......

Angie V

Oh my, those look so delicious!!


Perfect with the toppings, would you make them again? They look beautiful.


How completely genius is this! I love all of the details you shared! What a killer idea! HUGS!


Thanks everyone! I'll be making these ones again for sure.


Pretty darn brilliant! Banana and buttercream together just has to be divine. I really ought to give these a go on my next cheat day. You've inspired me to make my own liners as well. I never would have thought of that :)

These look absolutely magnificent! I need to try these bad boys soon.

Thank you for the nice comment you left on my blog. I am following you now. I would love a follow back.



Those are gorgeous and look so pretty! Yummy.




We made these at school for my grandaughter's 15th birthday.
Absolutely marvelous! Thank you.


where did you get the cute cupcake holder?? It makes them look so pretty

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Gorgeous and looks really yummy. *drooling

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