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We made these a few weeks ago - I bought some of the small silicone Wilton molds (trees, gingerbread men, and snowflakes) which worked perfectly for making shaped marshmallows! And yes, they are really really good.

We also made an experimental batch using 1C light brown sugar and 1C dark brown sugar. They definitely have a molasses taste to them so I think if I do those again, I'll stick with all light brown sugar for a lighter taste.


Seriously you've got to stop posting things I want to make :( I don't even have a stand mixer!

Lonesome Road Studio

Peppermint - *swoon*

And they're beautiful too.


They look so beautiful. I always thought marshmallows would be hard to make, these look so worth it, though. I love seeing your notes, as well!


Oh I love you! hahaha - I also have been curious to try this - yet afraid! I might make these with the boys for Santa. I am also planning to make the challah for our christmas breakfast. I love the notes - that will be a real gem to pass down to someone : )

Cate Holst

YUM!! There's nothing better than real marshmallow. These look fabulous!

ooooh... so craving one in some nice hot chocolate now. yummy! ;)

LimeCake - A food life for one

Absolutely nothing beats homemade marshmallows! These look terrific, Stephanie! happy holidays!


I am popping back in to wish you a Safe and Happy Christmas! I am going out to buy ingredients and we are making some marshmallows tonight! Wish me luck! : )


I've been wanting to try these for years. Maybe it's time for me to stop being a chicken about it :) Yours look divine! Hope you a lovely Christmas time!


I'm not much of a sweet eater … but I may have to try these sometime. Those candy marshmallows are beautiful!

remote spy

I'm hopeful we see some additional functionality pulled into these records down the road, as I'm sure you are too...

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