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Daniele Tort

I want one of thees now!!!

What a great idea! And so simple. Thanks for sharing!


I have a few bags of cranberries sitting around and honestly had zero idea why. Now I know - they were meant to become a vodka drink!

Yellowfish Designs

Oh my gosh, this looks amazing- great idea for next year!

Tania Cavenecia Torres

Yes, looks delicious ! Can't wait to try this recipe and the candied orange peels, thanks : )


Ohhh I wish I'd known about this.. my FIL would love it. Anything like this you can do with tequila? lol

Bug Miscellany

that sounds delicious!

(and not jsut because i'm siiting at work...)


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Do you need to refrigerate it due to the cranberries?


Shana: Nope! The vodka keeps preserved

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