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Oooh, I love the look of these! This sounds like a good Sunday project :)

Kirsten H.

In German we call them "Heidesand". My family has been baking these cookies every Christmas. They are my very favorite. I can hardly wait to bake them soon again.


I bet the freezing was just the trick - these would be quite delicious with my evening coffee.....hmmmmm I might have to have a batch of these - YUM!

Stef Brek

You should try making brown butter pound cake now that you're on a brown butter kick.

i love how the ingredients are so simple, but then make such yummy looking cookies.
i will have to try these! ;)


I made these last year and was just thinking of making them again! You read my mind. I also spent forever going through the comments on smitten kitchen's original post and fretting over them, and sure enough they turned out not quite as perfect as I would have liked, but still intact and delicious. Maybe I'll throw a bit of molasses in next time.


Did you freeze the dough before baking it? Mine didn't spread at all


Nope I think I just stuck it in the fridge for half an hour. If they spread a whole bunch it might be because of an oven that runs hot.


Someone sent me this link and I thought of you! It looks pretty drool worthy.


Lovely! I can almost smell them. I think I may be able to pull these off this weekend. All these soggy days inside are inspiring me to get baking.

Oh My.
I love brown butter. And Short Bread. I was going to make thumbprint cookies, but now i'm thinking.... Brown butter shortbread thumbprint cookies?
Thanks for the idea!!
Great job. Love the picture with the beautiful teacup!

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