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My Life Under the Bus

This is how I trick my kids into eating healthy ! Banana muffins are their FAVORITES !!! I use the same batter to make waffles and pancakes ...YUM !!! Love the little fondant food ! Too cute - I love the mini food too especially when they do tiny fruit like kiwis and bananas - it's amazing !


ok, that's it, i'm making those muffins.


how amazingly cute!!!!!! i loooove the tiny fondant waffles!


love the itty bitty waffles. i will definitely have to try something like this! ;)


tiny anything is the best!


Those are the best!! Muffins should be like cupcakes!! Love the itty bitty waffles!


I need to refer my bf to this post b/c we often get into debates on the difference between muffins and other kinds of cake (he thinks it's all the same) but this just looks YUMMY! I'll eat it anytime. :)


wow, a baby waffle maker! i didn't know there was such a thing.
these muffins are clearly brilliant. and i agree, muffins ought to taste like muffins. no likey the cakey ones :)

Simply Mags 365

My god! You make the cutest little things ever! You are definitely the next generation's answer to Martha Stewart! I love looking at your blog and seeing what creative gems you've "whipped up"!..........


Holy cow those cupcakes look a-MAZING.


Awww, these are adorable! This recipe goes straight in the "to make" pile, I'm a fan of muffins. :)


I was scrolling down my facebook home page when I saw your new post, stopped dead in my tracks! Mini waffles rule!!!!!!


This looks really yummy. And cute with the miniature waffle and egg on top :) If you like miniature food, I'm wondering if you've checked out this shop?


just now i discover your blog, and i'm so in love with your delicious desserts! it all looks amazing. And never knew one could make such tiny waffles :)


WoW!!!! What a great idea to make real mini food!!


They are simply adorable. You are truly an artist.


Wow! Those muffins look amazing! Thanks for the recipe:)


Love the tiny waffles!! Cuuute! I'm glad to hear that you like the cherry cellphone charm!


I love banana muffins. Those are too cute.


as my husband said when i showed him this post..."I want to go to there..."
; )
(we watch way too much 30 rock)
looks amazing...i almost started eating the computer! ; )


I love the teeny tiny wafflemaker. So cute! I agree..tiny is fabulous. I think, at least for me, it reminds me of when I was a little girl and I played with my Barbie and her doll house. Heck, sounds like fun now! LOL


SO CUTE! I didn't realise how teeny tiny the little waffles were going to be until the last few pictures. Amazing!

aiza@ cakes online

great pictures in there. they looked so delicious.cakes on line

Colonic Cleansing

Nom....nom...nom... 'enuff said. Hehe :) Man, you're making me hungry.


Yummy! Great shots. Trying it out. thanks a lot.


I made these this morning minus the fondant, but only had one gloriously brown banana to work with. As a substitute for the two missing bananas, I cut up a perfectly ripe peach and went about the recipe as instructed. Sometimes banana bread can have too cloying a taste of banana for me, but in this recipe the peach easily balanced the banana flavor and produced muffins that were soooo good. I especially liked the cream cheese + honey spread on top! Thanks for the great recipe! :)

Ruby rider

Da BOMB!! Thanks for sharing.


These are great! Just made them and they turned out super moist and delicious! I love the chunks of banana that you get in the middle too! Did a recipe review over at my blog of these they were so delicious! Thanks for sharing.

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