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pretty! My favorites are the ones with drawn on branches.

These are so beautiful! How could anyone eat them!

{something sweet}

so incredibly beautiful, stephanie!

Lori Eddy

Lovely flower cookies, Stephanie!

Lonesome Road Studio

Gorgeous and so professional-looking! The little flowers are just beautiful.


So lovely!!!
I would be sad to eat them...but I still would!!!
; )

These are gorgeous and they look yummy!


how pretty are they!! gorgeous and lovely inspiration!


I LOVE these GORGEOUS !!! : )


I loved these ones!!! but I would feel guilty to eat such beauty!!!

Janet Mazorie

The cookies look so pretty and delicious!


Your spring cookies look so cute!


wow!!! these cookies look amazing!!!!


so awesome!


Wow, these are simply gorgeous

Angela Davies

These are possibly some of the cutest cookies that I have ever seen! Perfect for Spring in Van :o)


I want to make them! How do you make the flowers?? Marzipan? Huh? I have no idea how to make flowers like that...


Sally, the flowers are made from gumpaste, its really easy! I'm going to be putting up a how-to post some time soon


they are awesome!


how do you make the flowers?


Jeanny: I make the flowers from a gumpaste and some little fondant cutters, it's really easy! I'm going to put up a how-to some time next week

Good Day

so pretty and cheery. how do you make your sugar blooms curve up at the petals?



Good Day: having a piece of foam to press the petals on makes the curve up


These are so pretty!! I'm going to try making some this weekend. You're right - they will make lovely gifts!

Thomas Shaw

Absolutely gorgeous. Love the contrasting colors.

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